Sutton In The Elms, Leicester.

Our stories of acquisition continue to remain intriguing as Sutton in the Elms first made its presence known to us when our manager said she had found her dream position in a home she always wanted to manage. Yes, dear reader, this obviously meant that Sutton In the Elms was always a home that had a charming aura, which we hoped to have the pleasure of seeing again. With the instant connection from that initial visit, we did indeed return in the early part of 2020 and having won our hearts over with a warm and peaceful vibe, Sutton in the Elms became a part of our Langdale Family.

Sutton in the Elms – Our Elegant Home sits proudly overlooking views of the rolling countryside; situated in the affluent village of Broughton Astley. There is an uplifting ambiance in the home that exudes spirit, healing, light and love to all those who grace this abode.

Sutton suites are expansive and allow the residents to have an additional private living space. This area can be enjoyed for those finer intimate moments with family or that pensive reflective solo time. Delectable treats are always on offer at the Langdale Care Homes and can be enjoyed by in room dining, the homes late night Dementia Cafes or the homes restaurant.

Sutton in the Elms is a residence to 40 wonderful persons, who with their special unique personalities continually enhance our lives daily and in their splendid ways create many cherished moments.

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