Langdale Lodge, Chesterfield.

Being new to care, we always believed that care could be provided from any Home and any type of setting as long as it was the right care. However, in care meetings, we would always hear the whispers of other providers who would be boasting of a purpose-built home and how it made such a difference. This apparent hotel feel from the plush carpets, the goose feathered quilts and the ability to choose the right pillow….yes, they made it seem heavenly to be honest and we thought it sounded spectacular and but totally surreal!!

So we decided to explore this supposed small “piece of heaven” and we found our first purpose built home tucked snuggly way at the bottom of Selhurst Road in the heart of Chesterfield.

Langdale Lodge had that hotel feel boasting the long wider corridors and the suites branching off to its right and left. But it was not the aesthetic that reached out to us; it was the smiles we saw and felt, the chatter and playful banter, the peals of laughter echoing and reverberating through every fibre of our being, the chef asking a resident to taste the sauce for lunch, the carer asking one resident which lipstick colour she wanted to wear and it was the manager walking with a very frightened individual who could not ‘find their way home’! The reassuring lull of her tone and the comforting touch that soothed the wrinkles of fear that defined his face. It was at this point that we fully realised that the home is not characterised by its walls but rather through these vulnerable and unique souls who are placed in OUR care.

We always have fond memories of homes and even those beautiful vacations seem to not separate us from that which we call “home.” So dear readers and guests, Langdale Care Homes do not do purpose built they only do HOME!

Langdale Lodge is home to 30 residents and looks forward to a proposed extension, where we can be blessed with more special souls in our care.

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