Dementia Care

‘Dementia My eyes do see, My ears do hear, I am still me so let’s be clear. My memory may fade, my walk may slow, I am ME inside, don’t let ME go!’ Fear not, for Langdale have an open book to Dementia. Honest and transparent in each exchange to instil a trust that will never fade.

For your loved ones that can find it most difficult, we know you will want them to understand this phase you are going through and have them involved every step of the way. Langdale Care Homes provide that platform for them to advocate for you through your unique journey with us.

With knowledgeable, experienced and long standing individuals in the company, we have been able to continually implement a strong and robust dementia strategy to greatly assist the wellbeing of our residents that live with this condition. As part of our daily performance targets, this primarily involves drawing focus to integrating activities that yield positive behavioural traits, essentially reinvigorating your inner essence to shine brightly.

Each quality moment and the increasing frequency of those quality moments creates a space within for healing. We are humbled by our numerous awards received in the provision of Dementia care and our successes are attributed to you, for it is through our journey with you that our core values become deeply embedded in our practices. Allows us to provide new meaning to your lives – the Langdale Lifestyle!

Dementia Care for Seniors in England
Dementia Care for Seniors in England - Langdale Care Homes

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