Oakdale Care, Leicester.

With open arms we have welcomed Oakdale Care, a care home in Leicester with award winning care. Oakdale Care is our youngest of our seven homes and one that we are able to spoil with all that we have learnt as Leaders in Care.

Oakdale Care connects us to the things we all love; the sense of peace, joy, care and the heart-warming traits of well-being. It is a place we know well and a place we call home.

As we take a moment to reflect on our many highs and yes also those seldom lows, we know that we have come out stronger, better and wiser. It is through this journey of making and breaking that we reach a pinnacle of excellence.

Our vision for this home is to continue to share excellence and introduce innovation to dynamically enhance our key performance indicators. Someone once asked us as to what our key performance indicators were. With an honest heart, filled with the years of compassion and love we stated “it has to be about bringing those small pockets of smiles though out the day to those we care for and who have become a part of the Langdale family.”

Our gift to you is Oakdale Care, one of our award winning care homes in Leicester. This Home will be blessed to cater to 59 spirited residents, where inclusivity is at the heart of our ethos. Come and join the Langdale culture, in a setting which promotes dignified care and inspired living.

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