Sensory Impairment Care

Whilst it is quite common for an individual to be affected by a sensory impairment at some point in life’s journey, we believe that this does not need to impact the quality of life.

A sensory impairment can be referred to as a loss (to a degree) of a sense, notably sight and/or sound. Langdale Care Homes builds on the view that a reduced sense tends to sharpen other active senses and so presents an opportunity through all activities of daily living, to have a profound sensory experience.

In combining what you do to what you enjoy doing and reviewing any gradual changes before they become more profound, we are in the best position to meet that need and also support you through what many find to be an emotional journey. For those with sensory impairments, as with other key care needs, we ensure safe levels of staffing according to dependency of our residents and are continually reviewing this to ensure a safe, caring, responsive and effective provision to those who entrust us with their lives.

Sensory Impairment Care for Seniors in England
Sensory Impairment Care - Langdale Care Homes

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