Respite Care

We at Langdale Care Homes recognise and encourage family caregiving to boost mental and physical wellbeing. Ultimately, it is about the resident and the best way to meet and support their comprehensive needs. Respite care essentially allows loved ones that act as caregivers to their family member to embrace pockets of breaks to promote their own needs. Whether that be a period of several days, or even weeks in some instances, our homes are at hand to provide a continuity of care for that short-term stay.

Whilst it can be difficult to entrust the care of your nearest and dearest, whilst you or another individual are away, we endeavour to provide you a peace of mind in the way we operate. All our homes have a caring and compassionate team of staff that are also skilled at what they do. Combine this with a proven management system and our core values embedded in our practices, we are confident that Langdale will facilitate a quality service that your loved one deserves.

Respite Care for Seniors in England

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