Re-enablement Care

This element of care is one that gives us the feel good factor, from the start of providing this service to the time when the individual returns back home.

At Langdale Care Homes, a team of specialised staff within the home and the NHS work closely to support you in the recovery process from your discharge from hospital to a point you can return home feeling confident and empowered from the new skills you have acquired to manage your daily activities. In essence, it is a new lease of life!

As we form a strong bond with the residents in what ultimately is their home, it can be difficult to say our farewells when the re-enablement period draws to a close. However, we can take great satisfaction from partaking in the recovery process to a point where you are able to return to your residence in a good state of health. What is more, a bond built on care, trust, understanding and love can never be broken and our Langdale Care Homes always has its doors open for those we have built a special connection with, whether that be a respite break, or even just for a friendly catchup over your favourite beverage.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for Seniors in England
Home Re-enablement Care for Seniors in England

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