Residential & Nursing Care

As seasons pass and our abilities somewhat dwindle, we find ourselves needing assistance with a variety of different tasks. At Langdale Care Homes, we feel that with these changes, your lifestyle need not be compromised. In fact, we think this stage of your journey is one to be met with optimism and excitement as you take your steps into an environment that supports your holistic wellbeing.

Embedded in our practices and culture is to understand what makes you an individual; unique in your traits, choices and preferences. We encourage you to express yourselves through an active involvement in your plan of care and to continually live an independent life to the best of your abilities. During those tricky moments be it physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual,  we are ready to be your guardian angel to hold your hand and navigate you to a place of comfort and ease.

You can also rest assured that once you feel right at home, you have the choice to still continue your journey with Langdale. We love to preserve our family feel and each and every resident and our staff teams are part of that that family. You can continue to enjoy that positive environment as we have the knowledge, skills and perhaps most importantly, the value-driven individuals to assist with your evolving needs from residential to nursing.

Be it a complex continence need and tracheotomy care to name but a few, as well as more acute neurological conditions, the emphasis remains on your quality of life and maintaining your dignity at all times and not allowing the health concern to hinder this. Our team of nurses are the binding solution to all the branches of care; truly dedicated, committed and inspired to find the best solution to all your nursing care needs.

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